Tips for Selling a Home

As the homeowner, you can play a huge part in selling your property.

I have provided many ideas that will help sell your home quickly and for the best possible price.

1. Put in the effort to clean. It will pay off!
Clean your home so it shows at its best! Freshen up with paint if necessary or consider hiring professional painters or cleaners.

2. Curb appeal, that first impression!
Trim the shrubs, manicure the lawn, clean any clutter on the front porch. Consider painting the front door. Enhance the true appeal of your home to prospects.

3. Space is a great selling point
Potential buyers want both a comfortable living space and plenty of storage space.

4. Organize those closets
A closet will appear larger if it is organized. Ger rid of those unwanted clothes. Neat and orderly sends the right message.

5. Faucets and bulbs
Dripping faucets and burned out or loose bulbs may seem like small problems, but they detract from your home.

6. Cabinets or closet doors
Doors that stick can be easily resolved on your part. Don’t let that issue shut out a sale.

7. Bathrooms can sell homes
Make your bathrooms sparkle! Repairs damaged caulking. Display your best towels and mats.

8. Dress up the bedrooms
Get rid of excess furniture and clutter. Fresh bedspreads and curtains are a must.

9. Clean windows make the home bright and cheery
Open the curtains and blinds to show your home at its best.

10. Proper lighting makes your home welcoming
Lights add warmth and color. Make sure basements, attics, garages and closets are well lit.

11. Avoid making buyers feel crowded
You as the seller can make potential buyers feel uncomfortable and could cause them to rush through your home. It is best if the seller is not home during a showing.

12. Pets are not welcome when your home is being shown
Pets can make buyers uncomfortable or get in the way, so arrange for your pets to be elsewhere.

13. Don’t try to sell your unwanted furnishings
Remember, you are trying to sell your home.

14. Let me as your experienced agent handle the showing of your home
Trusting me to handle the real estate matters of your sale and knowing I have your best interests in mind will provide you with peace of mind.